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The Semantic Web goes towards an "intelligent" Web. Technological the Semantic Web builds up a stack. The technologies start on the web as bottom. There knowledge representation, knowledge exchange, languages build up one layer over the other. In the level of the Web there are identification mechanisms, like URI and Access mechanisms like HTTP and coding mechanisms like Unicode as well as basic authentication that is implemented in the Web layer. Above this is an information exchange layer where there is encoding like XML, TURTLE, RDFa and ╬╝Formats. So this gets semantic information into web pages and into XML. Above this there is the possibility to say what is a fact. This is done with the Resource Description Framework (RDF). These facts can be exchanged and queried on the other hand. Based on top of this facts, there also need to be stated what is world and how does the things in the world the classes relate to each other. Thus we have to create models and this is done with Ontology Representation, like OWL which is the Web Ontology language or RDFS with is the RDF schema language, or with simple Ontologies like SKOS. Moreover we can apply logic to make logical deductions and to get more and new knowledge out of the existing knowledge.


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