Ranks are military structured scientific achievements. Through solving scientific quests you get promotions to the next higher rank.

Scientists are given military ranks based upon their skills and experience.

Ranks are subdivided into enlisted ranks (from Recruit to Sergeant), field officers (from Lieutenant to Commander) and general officers (from Colonel to General).

As a scientist it is also possible to specialize into a specific discipline.

For extraordinary achievements badges and medal of honors can be obtained. o


name description symbol requirement level
Recruit Freshly recruited scientists are recruits. It represent the first obtainable rank.
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Accept Path of Truth I.
Apprentice Apprentice is the second enlisted rank. An apprentice rank is obtained if the scientist successfully completed her/his first quest and are therefore fully capable of obtaining, analyzing/understanding and representing information in an objective manner.
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1 Quest 1
Private Upon completion of the basic research training, a scientist becomes a Private and is further assigned to a specific unit of a research field. Privates wear a rank insignia consisting of a single chevron pointing down.
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2 Quests 2
Corporal Promotion to a Corporal traditionally confers a large jump in authority and responsibility. The Corporal rank normally corresponds to commanding a section in Denigma or a squad of recruited scientists.
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3 Quests, 1 Section 3
Sergeant A Sergeant (abbreviated as **Sgt**; originating from Latin *serviens*, ``one who serves``) on Denigma may lead teams of around 4 scientists/coders/designers. Sergeants are officers with a productive duty.
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4 Quests, Duty 4
Lieutenant Lieutenant (**Lt**) is a junior commissioned officer rank. Informally Lieutenants are commonly addressed as ``L.T.`` or ``Lieut`` and its derived from French in which lieu means ``in place`` and tenant means ``holding``, i.e. it means ``holding a position``. Thus it is a scientist who holds a position in the absence of his or her superior.
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5 Quests 5
Captain Captain (Capt) is the highest company grade commissioned officer rank. Captains are usually placed command of companies, or serve as staff officers in research centers.
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6 Quests 6
Major Major is the lowest field-grade commissioned officer. A Major is typically found as an executive officer in a battalion. The insignia for a Major is a star.
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7 Quests 7
Commander Commander is a non-commissed officer. Commanders typically serve as the executive officer of a research center.
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8 Quests 8
Colonel Colonel (**Col**) is the highest field grade commissioned officer rank (i.e. a senior). The rank insignia a three stars.
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9 Quests 9
Brigadier A Brigadier is the highest field rank and most junior general appointment, nominally commanding a brigade. The Brigadier insignia is an eagle.
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10 Quests 10
General A general is the highest rank of commissioned officer. Generals command major areas or responsibility and hold the some of highest of scientific military positions.
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11 Quests 11
Marshal The Marshal is the highest scientific officer rank. The name originates from old French *maréchal* and means ``stable keeper``. The Marshal is appointed by election. The marshal function is the keep the Duties on Denigma in order and to decide the majors questions of research under investigations.
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12 Quests, Election 12
  • 13 ranks

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