Denigma - The Digital Enigma

Denigma is a starting point for deciphering Aging. By integrating different types of biological data and applying a robust unification schema, as well as using the increasing computational power for logical inference, it will be possible to solve biological problems -- primarily Aging and aging-related diseases. o

This is an Open Source Project of the International Longevity Alliance, providing a platform for biologists and software developers, as well as other diverse groups such as artists and health and longevity activists. It addresses the fundamental questions of life, and most importantly of aging, to systematically reveal its secrets. Denigma particularly encourages data evolution.

This initial platform is created to be flexible and extensible, and will evolve over time to meet future requirements and challenges. o

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Biogerontology 101

07 | Dec

Biogerontology 101 - Science Against Aging

The main challenge of aging activism is a gap between aging research...

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11 | Oct

The Gerontology Ontology (the Ontology for Aging and Longevity, GERO) is a mid-level ontology representing aging-related phenomena from the molecular and cellular levels to the social and demographic level. It aims to support gerontological ...

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Crowdfunding Lifespan Experiments

24 | Sep

A Crowd Funding campaign was initiated to test the combination of drugs that are known to extend the Lifespan in mice for their synergy. If sufficient funds are gathered it will be possible to add further treatments and also perform tests...

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Longevity Cloud

13 | Aug

Help us to build Denigma Computation Cloud by Donating!

We are going to setup own cloud for different purposes:

  1. Move all ILA sites and other online resource to cloud for providing better hosting and user ...
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Application Programming Interface

31 | Jul

An Application Programming Interface (API) enables programmatic access to data.

Denigma provides an API to all Lifespan App Repository Models.

Try typing the plural form of a model like factors or variants right after the root [http...

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Functional Increase

28 | Jul

Project: Functional Increase

The aim of the A3 Action group "Functional Increase" is maintaining, restoring and improving functional capacity.

High Level Summary


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Internet Relay Chat

17 | Jul

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for live interactive Internet text messiging or synchronous conferencing which is primarly designed for group communication in a discussion forms, called channels.

IRC provides a way of communica...

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Longevity Variant Database

04 | Jun

Longevity Variant Database

Journal:Nucleic Acid Research
Deadline:25th August 2013
Abstract:We are constructing the most comprehensive database on genetic variants associated with longe...
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The Dashboard is there to give a quick overview of current main activities on Denigma.


  1. 3D Structures for Lifespan Factors (accomplished)
    1. Add unique identifier for small components
    2. Include structures for small molecules
    3. Enable multiple structures for a factor if available
    4. Set up auto-update functions to keep structures up-to-date.
  2. Mailing List (accomplished)
  3. Showing recent Database updates on Home site
  4. Collaboration features: Longevity Chats, Tasks, Quests, Videos.
  5. Genes app. Genes Interactions Visualizations and Search.
  6. Lifespan App redesign and Tutorial about how to use it
  7. Discovery Discussion and immediate formal Integration *
  8. Page viewing statistics (Google statistics, aggregation) (accomplished)

* If there are new discoveries they somehow need to be quickly discussed and the basic message behind the discovery needs somehow to be formalized in a formal way. For instance new Lifespan Factors.


The Three Aspects of Denigma


Research is about understanding nature. To understand how the wonderful creations of evolution work, information needs to be gathered and structured in such a way that it enables to be deciphered by Denigma. The right questions need to be asked and breakthrough discoveries have to be made if we want to revolutionize medicine within our lifetime. Denigma recruits scientists to investigate the most mysterious phenomena of life which will pave the way to life longer and healthier lives. o

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Programming enables to develop new digital innovations. Its about being a creator rather than just a user of digital content. In Denigma everything is fully programmable. Denigma trains programming skills and best practices to prepare for the upcoming revolution. o

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Design creative media reflecting your imagination. Its about making the world around us a nicer place and creating beautiful content. Denigma representation relies on innovative work of art. Media can be placed everywhere in Denigma sites. Denigma encourages the creation of wonderful artwork at the interception of nature science and computational development.

Weaving the visual Arts into a science can both help develop scientific imagination and engange non-scientists. o

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