The Purpose of Denigma

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It is a honor to announce that our next-gen database system is now ready! It is running under the code name "Denigma". The Project is all about building a "digital Enigma" to decode the Aging process.

The basic idea behind the Philosophy of Denigma is that the platform is fully editable, modifiable and programmable by everyone. So it will be a revolution.

We have to identify and analyse all known Aging-associated Factors that limit the "Lifespan". It is a difficult task which requires a Collaborative Mind. In order to accomplish the Objective, Denigma needs to know about all the available resources, being aware of all Aging Factors as well as age-related Datasets, and be programmed with the necessary functionalities to decipher Aging. This is your chance to become a Scientist, Developer, or Artist participating in the digital revolution. Your input can shape the initial content and design of Denigma and render it quickly to a powerful flagship against Aging.

Choose your Paths on Denigma and be part of those that generated the next-generation weapon to fight Aging.


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