Data App

The data app controls the management of Content in Denigma. It also provides the universal Data Entries. A data entry is the fundamental unit for data acquisition. The process of data acquisition is the assembly of signals/information that measure real world physical conditions and converts them into a digital data structure that can be used and manipulated effectively by Denigma.

One schema that fits everything.

Any data entry can be associated with any kind of tag, with specified categories and only one parent entry, but it can have multiple Relationships to any other entry. o

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A data tag is a non-hierarchical keyword/term assigned to a data entry. Tags should be preferentially in lower-case. o



Data entries are grouped by specified categories which make up the foundation of Denigma's internal structure. o



Data hierarchy is the arrangement of data entries in which the entries are represented as being "above", "below" or "at a equal level as" one another. Inspired by nature, hierarchy is abstractly modelled as a rooted tree: the root of the tree (Denigma) forms the top level, and the children of a given vertex are at the same level, below their common parent. o


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