International Longevity Alliance

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The International Longevity Alliance (ILA; formerly Longevity Party) promotes the social struggle against the deteriorative Aging process and for healthy and productive longevity for all, by scientific means, though Research, development, treatment, eduction, public and political activism [].

The ILA is a political organization for promoting global advances in life extending technologies. Such a political longevity movement is required and desired.

It originated in Russia and Isreal, then quickly over twenty Nations joined the "Longevity Party", including USA and Canada, Europe and many more. The movement is expanding with a dramatic pace. Currently (January 2013) it includes over 5000 members in 35 countries, and this number is rapidly increasing.

There need to be a chapter in each nation. It is single-issue political party like the Green Party or the Pirate Party which were relatively successful. The various newly founded longevity party initiatives have as unified banner organization the ILA.

The general goal is to expand and optimize funding for healthy life-extension Research and promoting currently known measures for health life extension, for the young and old alike.

The ILA clarifies that Aging should be considered as a disease or at least as the source of all the numerous age-related diseases (like metabolic and cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, Cancer and etc.), which would enable the official declaration of The War Against the Deterioration of Aging (War Against Aging).

The Denigma project helps to build up a data-infrastructure for the ILA and suggests a bird as the ILA Symbol for the Logo Contest.


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