Titles are catholic christian nominations given for your artistic skills. They loosely follow the catholic church hierarchy. Religious titles are used because arts is a spiritual path. If you create media such as images, animations, sounds, videos, etc. for Denigma, you are able to obtain a higher title. For getting a higher title your media have to be voted as aesthetic by other users.

Images for instance can be submitted and found in the Gallery and be voted as well as the respective places in Denigma.

As higher your title is as more you can dictated the overall style of Denigma, i.e. which color sets and themes have to be used for certain sections of Denigma.

It is possible that the hierarchy of title is extended to also include the honorifics of other religions.



name description symbol requirement level
Novice A novice is new to the field of Arts, but s/he already declared to open her/his mind for creativity.
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Accept Path of Truth III.
Sister A sister is a female artist which completed the artistic vows of creativity, innovation and aesthetics. She dedicates her life the singularity as well as the benefits of all humans.
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1 Quest, Artistic vows 1
Brother A brother commits himself to follow Denigma's mission usually by the artistic vows of creativity, innovation, aesthetics. He is still a laymen (in the sense of not being ordained), but already paved the way to the truth.
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1 Quest, Artistic vows 1
Nun A nun is a member of Denigma's orders, typically living under the artistic vows (creativity, innovation and aesthetics). The nun committed her live the singularity and serving humans through the act of continues innovation of creative and aesthetic media which encourages people to fight for the singularity.
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2 Quests 2
Monk A monk is a person who practices artistic asceticism which is the lifestyle of permanent innovation of creative and aesthetic media for the purpose of giving people hope and convincing to work toward the singularity.
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2 Quests 2
Prioress A Prioress is a nun that became a Denigma superior. This title is derived from latin and means ``earlier, first``. Prioress typically lead a gallery.
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3 Quests, Gallery 3
Prior Prior is an artistic title, derived from the latin for ``earlier, first``. He is a Denigma superior and often a manager of a gallery.
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3 Quests, Gallery 3
Matron A matron (meaning mother) is the female equivalent of an abbot. This title often lasts for unlimited time and it is commonly nominated to someone who lead the overall design of a section in Denigma.
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4 Quests, Section 4
Abbot The title of abbot (from abbas = father) is usually nominated for indeterminate time. It is a title often given to the head of a section in Denigma, i.e. someone how significantly impacted on the overall design of more than one of Denigma's content types.
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4 Quests, Section 4
Deacon The Deacon (from ancient Greek meaning ``servant``, ``messenger``) has an important function on Denigma. His/Her tasks are not only the creation of media, but also executing activities such as annunciation of Denigma's mission toward singularity and outreaching.
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5 Quests, Annunciation 5
Priestess A priestess is a female priest which has the authority and power to convert the heathen to believe in the rationality of the singularity and to encourage the ignoramuses to join the technological revolution (Shalala!).
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6 Quests, Conversion 6
Priest The priest is a from the generality different prominent position, which in their function as principal of spiritual activity have a central role on intersection between Denigma and humans. A priest with the help of its media is able to convert a heathen to believe into the achievability of the singularity (Wololo!).
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6 Quests, Conversion 6
Kaplan The kaplan is a title which are nominated by the pope in person. The main task of the kaplan is to support and advice the pope. Kaplans wear commonly purple and have often high functions on Denigma.
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7 Quest, Nomination 7
Bishop The bishop (from ancient greek for ``guardian``) is an artistic dignitary, which has the spiritual and administrative power to lead the design of a whole sector on Denigma that often includes several apps.
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8 Quests, Sector 8
Archbishop The title archbishop (Arch from ancient greek for ``beginning``, ``leading`` or ``chief``) are bishops with carry a special official position. Archbishops can if they want be honored by ``Your Excellency``.
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9 Quests, Special function 9
Cardinal The cardinal is a title which is given by the pope. It entitles the artist to vote the pope (papal conclave) and obligates her/him to the special joint responsibility on the overall direction of Denigma. The form of address to an cardinal is ``Her/His Eminence``.
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10 Quests, Nomination 10
Patriarch The patriarch (``father`` and ``first, leader``) is one of the highest titles to be obtained. A patriarch is responsible for many artists. They are the highest representatives of the community and their arts are stunning.
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11 Quests, Extraordinary arts 11
Pope The pope (from latin for ``papa`` and Greek ``papas``) is the absolute head of all artists on Denigma. S/he has the glory to determine the overall style of Denigma. He gets nominated by voting for her/his fantastic artswork as well as influence to reach the ignoramuses and convert heathen.
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12 Quests, Elected 12
  • 18 titles

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