Scientist conduct research. They need to have a deep knowledge of organisms from the molecular level onwards. Their concepts shape how data is organized and structured in Denigma in order to reveal biological meaningful insights and ask the questions which Denigma needs to find answers to.

A scientist's primary intention is to advance research, seeking discoveries and ultimately find the cure for aging and diseases.

Scientists tend to crave interaction with others as knowledgeable about their field as themselves. Therefore, they form research groups working on a particular scientific question (Quests).

In order to understand biological processes in more detail scientist take advantage of biomedical model organisms (Species), which provide tools for genetic engineering (which is forbidden in humans) and enable to test the potentially effect of lifespan-altering Interventions as those animals often have relatively short lifespans that need to be extended.

Scientists are strategists. They think strategically about what needs to be achieved to extend Lifespan. o


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