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Denigma d
Daniel Wuttke | Crowed-sourcing support | Data Unification, Integration, Analysis & Exchange

Enigma d

  • WW2: Encoding/Decoding information
  • Each submarine equipped with an Enigma
  • Enabled exchange of information

Biological Information d

  • Post-genomic era
    • data increases rapidly
    • but not fast enough
    • computational and organizational challenges
  • Genomic code
    • everything is encoded in the genome
    • also Aging

Can it be decoded?

Decoding Ageing d

New Concepts m
strong as diamond, and diamond
as flexible as carbon fibre, but carbon
in its very heart its all in silicon" silicon

Unity d

Unify d

Linking Researchers

Building A Denigma d

Contact: Hevok at Denigma sphere


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