Personal plan for Anton Kulaga for 24->31

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Here is what I am going to do for the rest of this month

At first a plan to make a websocket-chat, where it is possible to transform chat messages with ideas and todo's into Denigma entries directly from a chat window as well as loading extra info from db into chat messages.

I have already made a Scala parser that understands the syntax like "some text of the chat message with {} put inside the text" and can insert a property value to {} I need to do the same with commands for Todos and Links creation etc.

I have also managed to test basic websocket classes in Scala. So I understand how it works. What I need to do in next several days.

  1. On Thursday I am going to learn the basics of AKKA [], lib for Scala inspired by Erlang that allows to do distributed computations and makes async work easier. I also plan to write
  2. On Friday I will add parsing support to websocket chat. Then I need to show it to Daniel and others and discuss deploying. I have never worked with Amazon Cloud and do not know how to deploy it.
  3. On Saturday we will deploy a chat version with commands and see how it works. This version will be for testing only without history storage.
  4. On Sunday I will start to work with history storage in Orient. There may be also some issues with deploying.
  5. On Monday we will test Chats with history and discuss what to do next with Chats and Graph databases. What I will do from Tuesday to the end of the Month depend on what we decide.

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