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A roadmap is a plan to match short-, middle- and long-term Goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those Goals. It is a plan that applies a new concept or process, or to an emerging technology. Readmap Development has three major uses:

  1. It helps the reach a consensus about a set of needs and the technologies required to satisfy those needs
  2. It provides a mechanism to help forecast technology Developments
  3. It provides a framework to help plan and coordinate technology Developments

There are a lot of Tasks with different priorities associated with the Denigma Project. But in order to add more people and coordinate work of the team the strategy and roadmaps should be discussed and transformed into a single roadmap.

A roadmap is helpful and it should break up the endeavor into different phases and allocate the tasks to each of them as well as set the individual priorities of each individual phase. Thus, a phase needs to have at least one priority.


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