About this questionnaire

We are looking for ways to utilise group intelligence for ageing research. This questionnaire aims to identify the high-level benefits and risks of citizen scientists assisting academic researchers. The results of this survey will be used as a guidance for development of free software for collaborative ageing research.

Ageing is the cause of many diseases and a great deal of suffering. It causes great losses to society and the economy. This is particularly true in the EU and the rest of the industrialized world. The ageing research community will benefit from the availability of free software for crowdsourcing. This software will allow faster developments of technologies for healthy lifespan extension. By participating in this survey you will benefitting the crowdsourcing of ageing research.

The questionnaire has three parts. First, we would like to assess the usability of crowdsourcing at each stage of a generic research project life cycle. Second, we would like to clarify the usability of crowdsourcing at each stage of information processing. Finally, we would like to ask questions about demographic information which will be helpful for the analysis. Answering certain demographic questions will be optional.

In the first two parts you are asked to kindly share your ideas regarding involvement of citizen scientists. We are interested in two aspects: a) How citizen scientists could help at a particular stage? and b) If you see potential risks of involvement of citizen science? Please note that you can provide several answers to each question.