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Construct a Crowd Funding platform that can be used to be incorporated into International Longevity Alliance and be utilized for its associated Projects.

The platform shall have the following requirements:

  • It needs a model of Donations and something related to e-commercy where a payment transaction can be accomplished.

  • It needs to showcase some Research Projects and get people to donate (offer limited funding goals and ongoing funding initiatives).

  • A widget to allow for payments is needed (paypal, bitcoin, credit card, etc.)

  • Users need to be able to read a short explanation of the work involved in each project.

  • It shall support a photo of the team members/lab and Research foundation logo (if applicable).

  • They can see how much the Project aims to raise/has raised (visual gauge), as well as add some other forms of context (i.e. how does the work relate to ending disease and other possibilities).

  • It shall provide a share it on Facebook/Twitter etc, ('like', 'share'), 'favourite'

  • Crowd Funding platforms usually also include tiered donations/rewards.

  • It shall provide a video for the individual Projects.

At first only the ILA leadership is able to add Projects, but moving forward it, Projects leaders shall also be able to submit a Project for funding all on their own and the leadership would just 'review and approve/deny' listing it.


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