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Object PropertiesIn Description Logics it is very simple to define Domain and Range. isMadeOf has its domain AI, because one does not care in the Domain Definition what should be the Range. On the other hand, we can define the Range in such that one states that everything that is in the Class which is connected to IsMadeOf, must have the Range Intelligence. So one uses the Univerisal Quantification and the Existential Quantification.

The sign of subsumption is not read as an assignment, so on does not assign the left side to the right side or vive versa. This is declartive as it is only a Statement and it is the way how Domain and Range Defintions can be described with the help of Description Logics.

  • in DL Domain and Range can be defined in the following way:
  • Domain: ∃isMadeOf.T ⊑ AI
  • Range: T ⊑ ∀isMadeOf.Intelligence

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