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PyCharm is an excellent editor/IDE (Interactive Development Environment) for Python and Django, hence also for Denigma.


First of all, install the prerequisite Java JDK []. For this add the required PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java

Then update your system and install Java:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

TO verify that Java is installed to the following check:

java -version

Next, download the most recent version of PyCharm, either the offical release [] or the beta version release candidate []. It includes a trial version.

Detar the archive, rename it to simply pycharm, move it another place where (if you like) and cd in. There you run:

bash bin/

Confirm with Enter and it should be done.


PyCharm allows to jump to class/method/function definitions (Ctrl+Click on a symbol). This is extremely useful to understand the source code.

Renaming classes, methods and variables

PyCharm automates renaming of objects at all places where they are used. Position the editor caret at any symbol and press Shift+F6 (Refactor | Rename). Input the new name and confirm with Enter.

It is possible to browse all the places where the variable is used and press Do Refactor button to finish the renaming operation.

Valid parameters

Placing the cursor between the parenthesis of a method call an pressing Ctrl+P brings up a list of valid parameters.

Changing Style

Ctrl+Backspace+Quote allows to quickly change the coding highlighting style colour schema.

Line Selection

If nothing is selected and then Ctrl+C is pressed, the whole line gets selected.


Ctrl+Q (Quick Documentation) can be used to fetch and display the documentation of function.


With Alt+Shift+C recent changes can be quickly reviewed.

The early access program can be accessed here [].


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