Open World vs. Closed World

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In the Open World Assumption the existence of further Individuals is possible, if they are not explicitly excluded or forbidden. In the Closed World Assumption it s assumed that the Knowledge Base contains always all Individuals. If there is no Knowledge about an Individual this individual does not exists.

For the Semantic Web we have to consider the Open World Assumption.

Knowledge Base are all children of Hevok female? no idea since we do not know If we assume that when know everything about Hevok then all children of Hevok of his children are female
child(Hevok,EVA) Female(EVA) ? ⊨ ∀child.Man(Hevok) DL answers don't know PROLOG answers yes
≤1 child.T(Hevok) ? ⊨ ∀child.Man(Hevok) yes now we know everything about Hevok's children

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