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The Web consists of Documents. We can distinguish three generations of web documents:

  1. Static Web Pages
  2. Dynamic Web Pages
  3. Adaptive Web Pages

In the first phase of the Web (1. generation) there were only static web pages that were programmed and represented as HTML and the form was represented as Cascade Style Sheets (CSS).

Then there were the 2. generation which were dynamic web pages and interactive web pages. On the one hand there were interactive elements that were programmed with the help of JavaScript or Applets and on the other hand there were Content-Management Systems. In the latter there were templates that were accessing database information ad the web page itself that were represented in the browser for the user were build up or was created in a dynamic way from the template and from the Database Content.

In the Semantic Web there will be the 3. generation of web pages. There we have do not have existing web pages, rather than we will have something like virtual pages which means we have our Information Assistance and below there the infrastructure services, maybe in the form of Netbots, and they are collecting the information that we need from the data sources we are interested in and create according to our preferences a new virtual web page. The user preferences are taking into account. The users personal assistant learns with the help of machine learning how the user likes to have her/his information represented. So a user model will be created automatically and the layout will be adapted according to the user preferences. This of course will be developed together with the user.


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