• name effect species mean median maximum
    pka1 deletion pka1 knockouts exhibits a three-fold increase in chronological lifespan with up to 187% longer maximum lifespan [16822282]. Deleting ser/thr cAMP-activated protein kinase pka1 extends chronological lifespan under normal condition, but there is no additive effect with DR [20075862]. +300 +187
    atf1 deletion Deleting atf1 cancels out DR-mediated chronological lifespan extension and enhanced heat stress resistance[20075862].
    sty1 deletion Deleting sty1 cancels out chronological lifespan extension and enhanced heat stress resistance by DR [20075862].
    git3 deletion git3 encodes a G protein-coupled receptor for glucose. git3 deletion increases chronological lifespan in conditions where glucose consumption is not affected. The anti-aging effect of DR and git3 deletion mutation is accompanied by increased respiration and lower ROS production [19266076].
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    Interventions are an extension of GenAge and GenDR.