• name effect species mean median maximum
    aak-2 constitutive active mutation A constitutive active mutation of aak-2 is sufficient to cause increase stress resistance as well as to significantly extend lifespan. Both increased stress resistance and extended lifespan is reverted in daf-16 knockdown by RNAi [17900900]. Worm
    aak-2 overexpression Transgenic animals with a higher aak-2 gene dose live on average 13% longer with a maximum lifespan extension on up to 25% [15574588]. Worm +13 +25
    aakg-2 overexpression Overexpression of aakg-2 extends mean, median, and maximum lifespan by 47, 45, and 35% [22737090]. Worm +47 +45 +35
    AAT1 overexpression Overexpression of AAT1 extends replicative lifespan by 25% and does not synergize with 0.5% glucose restriction [18381895]. Yeast +25
    abu-11 overexpression Overexpression of abu-11 extends mean lifespan by 9% to 28% [16256736]. Worm +9 to +28
    Activating let-60 mutation The let-60(n1046gf) activating mutation greatly reduces lifespan of wild-type, weakly suppresses constitutive dauer diapause in daf-2 and age-1 mutants and extends lifespan induced by mutation of daf-2 [16164423]. Worm
    age-1 RNAi RNAi against age-1 extends lifespan by 30% [8700226; 8608934]. age-1 RNAi increases mean and maximum lifespan by 36-46% and 48-50% [12447374]. RNAi against age-1 increases mean lifespan by 83% [18828672]. age-1(mg44) zygotic null mutants have a mean (99%) and maximum (117%) lifespan extension [18828672]. Worm +36 to +99 +48 to +117
    Akh overexpression Overexpression of Akh in a ubiquitousness manner enhances fat metabolism (significant increase in triglyceride synthesis and breakdown under AL), spontaneous activity (148% on AL and 154% on DR), and lifespan on AL (33%). However, despite and increase in movement under DR, lifespan is not increased under a restricted diet [22768842]. Fly +33
    aqp-1 overexpression Overexpression of aqp-1::GFP rescues short lifespan of aqp-1 deletion mutants and partially prevented glucose from shortening lifespan. Worm
    atf1 overexpression Overexpressing atf1 is not sufficient to promote chronological lifespan extension in cells lacking sty1 [20075862].
    Atg2 overexpression Atg2 overexpression increases average female lifespan by 28% [18059160]. Fly +28
    Atg8a overexpression Enhanced expression of Atg8a in older fly brains extends average adult lifespan by 56% and promotes resistance to oxidative stress [18059160]. Fly +56
    BMH2 overexpression Overexpressing 14-3-3 protein, Bmh2, significantly extends median chronological lifespan by activating stress response [19805817]. Yeast
    Bub1b overexpression Sustained high-level expression of BubR1 preserves genomic integrity and reduces tumorgenesis (even in the presence of genetic alterations that strongly promote aneuplodization and cancer, such as oncogenic Ras) and extends the lifespan and delays age-related deterioriation and aneuploidy in several tissues [23242215]. BubR1 overabundance exerts its protective effect by correcting mitotic checkpoints defects [23242215]. BubB1 overexpression extends maximum lifespan by 20 - 41% compared to GFP-carrying control transgenic mice [23242215]. Mouse +20 to +41.3
    Cat overexpression Simultaneous overexpression of catalase and Sod1 results in a one-third (i.e. 30%) lifespan extension, a slower rate of mortality acceleration, and a delayed loss in physical performance, but neither has any effect on lifespan alone [8108730]. Targeted overexpression of CAT in the mitochondrial matrix has no effect on lifespan at 25 degree Celsius, slightly shortens lifespan at 29 degree Celsius as is associated with increased resistance to endogenous hydrogen peroxide, paraquat, and cold stress [12521602]. Fly
    cbp-1 overxpression Overexpression of cbp-1 does not significantly affect lifespan [19924292]. Worm
    Cbs overexpression Ubiquitous or neuron-specific transgenic overexpression of Cbs enhances longevity in fully-fed animals. Adult-specific ubiquitous expression of Cbs is sufficient to increase female mean and maximum lifespan by 12 - 43% and 10%, respectively. Males, whose lifespan is relatively less affected by DR, exhibite a smaller, but still significant increase in lifespan by 7% upon Cbs overexpression. Neuronal overexpression also increases lifespan, albeit modestly (approximately 12% mean and 15% maximum lifespan extension), whereas overexpression in the fat body and in the gut has no effect [21930912]. Fly +12 to +43 +10 to +15
    Cct1 overexpression Overexpression of Cct1 from a doxycycline-inducible promoter results in a 6 - 8% increase in mean lifespan (in the PdL x rtTA; Oregon-R x rtTA strain) [12620118]. Fly +6 to +8
    CG10383 overexpression Overexpression of CG10383 in males increases mean and maximum lifespan by 12% and 8%, respectively [22366109]. Fly +12 +8
    CG10916 overexpression Overexpression of CG10916 in males increases mean and maximum lifespan by 27% and 26%, respectively [22366109]. Fly +27 +26
    CG13890 overexpression Overexpression of CG13890 (DCI) throughout the whole body increases mean and median lifespan by 35 and 31%, but decreases maximum lifespan by 6%, increases stress resistant (to paraquat and starvation), consistently reduces the mortality rate across adult ages and reduces the lifespan extension of DR by 15% [22997544]. CG6783 overexpression increases the dFOXO nuclear localization in the fat-body. mRNA levels of dFOXO target genes l(2)efl and 4E-BP in the adult whole bodies increases in response to overexpression of CG6783 [22997544]. Fly +35 +31 +6
    CG30427 overexpression Overexpression of CG30427 in males increases mean lifespan by 18% [22366109]. Fly +18
    CG3776 overexpression Overexpression of CG3776 (alias Jhebp29) reduces the mean lifespan, where the reduction in males is slightly higher. The lifespan of female and male flies with overexpressed CG3776 is reduced by 35% and 42.6%, respectively when compared with Oregon R flies [18275960]. Fly -35 to -42.6
    cher overexpression Overexpression of cher from a doxycycline-inducible promoter results in a 7 - 9% increase in mean lifespan (in PdL x rtTA; Oregon-R x rtTA) [12620118]. Fly +7 to +9
    Cisd2 overexpression A persistent level of Cisd2 achieved by transgenic expression extends mean, median and maximum lifespan without any apparent deleterious side effects [22661501]. Mouse
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