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To understand one has to consider Snippets and Rich Snippets. Snippets is nothing else than a few lines of Text that appear under every Search result and is designed to give User a Sense for what is on the Web Page and why it is relevant for the Query. The Snippet might give one some Context and Content. So one might get a clue what it is all about. If Google is able to understand the Content of Web Page it is able to create such a Snippet. To understand means that there is structured Data inside the HTML Page that can be read and understood. One can do this by using defines nothin else than data that can be read by Search Engines and then be displayed in the Form of Rich Snippets.

  • Snippets = The few lines of Text that appears under every Search result.
    • Designed to give Users a Sense for what's on the Web Page and why it is relevant to their Query
  • If Google understands the Content on the Web Page, it can create "Rich" Snippets
    • = detailed Information intented to Help Users with specific Queries
    • You can help Google find this relevant Information by adding additional Microdata as HTML Markup.

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