• name effect species mean median maximum
    nhr-62 Overexpression Wild-type (N2) worms with extrachromosomal array dhEx627 (carrying a wild-type nhr-62) exhibit a significant increase in lifespan compared to wild-type (p<0.001) [Heestand et al. 2013]. Worm
    Constitutive miR-277 expression Constitutive miR-277 expression shortens lifespan and synthetically lethal with reduced insulin signaling, indicating that metabolic control underlies this phenotype [23669073]. Fly
    Spargel overexpression Tissue-specific overexpression of dPGC-1 in stem and progenitor cells within the digestive tract of females flies extends the median and maximum lifespan of females by up to 33% and 37%. Those mutants display a delay in the onset of aging-related changes in the intestine, leading to improved tissue homoeostasis in old flies [22055505]. Fly +33 +37
    Hsp70Ba overexpression Hsp70Ba overexpression reduces mean and maximum lifespan up to 30% [19420297]. Fly -30 -30
    Zw overexpression Mean lifespan of G6PD overexpressor flies is extended in comparison with driver and responder controls, armadillo-GAL4 (up to 38%), Tubulin-GAL4 (up to 29%), C23-GAL4 (up to 27%), da-GAL4 (up to 24%), D42-GAL4 (up to 18%) and Appl-GAL4 (up to 16%). The maximum lifespan is also increased [18809674]. G6PD enzymatic activity as well as levels of NADPH, NADH, and the GSH/GSSG ration are increased [18809674]. Fly +16 to + 38
    Pten overexpression Increased Pten and 4E-BP activity in muscles is extends the lifespan [21111239]. Fly
    Prx5 overexpression Prx5 overexpression causes an increase in mean and median lifespan under normal conditions. It also leads to a small increase in maximum lifespan [21826223]. Fly
    Naam overexpression Naam overexpression increases mean and maximum lifespan by 30% in both females and males. The lifespan extension is reversed by Sir2 mutants, indicating the it is dependent on Sir2 [18678867]. Fly +30 +30
    MTF-1 overexpression MTF-1 overexpression in either the peripheral nervous system or motorneurons extends both mean and maximum lifespan by 40% in males [18775584]. Fly +40 +40
    magu overexpression Adult-specific overexpression of magu increases lifespan by 5-30% and modulates late-age fecundity [19011900]. Fly +5 to +30
    LBR overexpression Overexpression of Lamin B receptor in the adult muscle and in the abdominal fat body results in a 54% and 46% reduction of mean lifespan, respectively [18494863]. Fly
    kuk Overexpression Overexpression of kugelkern in the adult muscle results in a 60% reduction of mean lifespan [18494863]. Fly -60
    CG3776 overexpression Overexpression of CG3776 (alias Jhebp29) reduces the mean lifespan, where the reduction in males is slightly higher. The lifespan of female and male flies with overexpressed CG3776 is reduced by 35% and 42.6%, respectively when compared with Oregon R flies [18275960]. Fly -35 to -42.6
    Hsp22-promoter driven reporter overexpression Hsp22-promoter driven reporter overexpression reduces mean and maximum lifespan [19420297]. Fly
    Hsp22 doxycyline-regulated overexpression Doxycyline-regulated overexpression of Hsp22 makes animals more sensitive to heat and oxidative stress as well as reduces the mean lifespan by up to 21%, particularly at higher culture temperature [15491684]. -21
    Hsc70-3 overexpression Overexpression of Hsc70-3 increases average female lifespan by 27% [18059160]. Fly +27
    hebe overexpression Adult-specific overexpression of hebe increases the lifespan by 5-30% and modulates late-age female fecundity. Female and male mean lifespan is up to 11% and 24% higher [19011900]. Fly +5 to +30
    GstS1 overexpression GstS1 overexpression increases the mean lifespan by 33% [18059160]. Fly +33
    Gr63a overexpression Overexpression of Gr63a has modest negative effect on lifespan [20422037]. Fly
    fh overexpression Overexpression of fh in the mitochondria of female transgenic animals increases antioxidant capability, resistance to oxidative stress insults, and longevity [18258192]. Fly
    DNApol-gamma35 overexpression Overexpression of DNApol-gamma35 (DNA polymerase gamma) in the nervous system results in a decrease in the median lifespan ranging from 39% to 52% [17999718]. Fly -39 to -52
    Atg2 overexpression Atg2 overexpression increases average female lifespan by 28% [18059160]. Fly +28
    UCP2 overexpression Overexpression of human UCP2 in the fly nervous system extends lifespan by 10-30%. Ubiquitous overexpression is lethal [16054055]. Fly +10 to +30
    Pka-C1 overexpression PKA-overexpressing flies (hsPKA*/+) have an about 30% extends maximum lifespan [17369827]. Fly +30
    Nudt1 Overexpression hMTH1-Tg mice express high levels of the hMTH1 hydrolase that degrades 8-oxoGTP and 8-oxoGTP and excludess 8-oxoguanine from both DNA and RNA. hMTH1-overexpresing mice have significantly lower steady-state levels of 8-oxoguanine in both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA of several organs, including the brain. hMTH1 overexpression prevents the age-dependent accumulation of DNA 8-oxoguanine that occurs in the wild-type mice. These lower levels of oxidized guanines are associated with increased longevity and hMTH1-Tg animals live significantly longer than their wild-type littermates [23648059]. Mouse
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