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A user interface (UI) is the human-machine interaction, i.e the place where humans and machines communicate with each other. The overall aim of the interaction between a human and a machine at the user interface is effective operation and control of the machine, as well as getting feedback from the machine which aids the operator in making operational decisions.

If talking to different people who may contribute, the main problem with such people is explaining what is Denigma all about. Something should be done with Denigma UI, people get lost there easily.

Its main menu is overcrowded and different concerns (personal notes, Semantic Web, Tutorials, Lifespan Project) are mixed together making navigation a bit challenging.

For instance in [] there is a left column submenu and no info by default (no notices). In Duties there is submenu on the center (it is organized in a different way). And it is hard to figure out what to do with some elements [like]. It would be better to have them in submenus rather than in the main menu.

The UI and menus need to be reconsidered, perhaps make 2 or even 3 times less menu items. The best way to do this is to discuss it with longevity members, getting feedback (different people think differently) collect proposals and change the first page, and therefore making it simpler and easier.

Some changes to UI should be made to make it more convenient like easier relationship creation without page reloading so that it will be possible to write in more structural way.


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