Social Capital

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Social Capital is the expected collective or economic benefits derived from the preferential treatment and cooperation between individuals and groups.

We develop a comprehensive Ontology for scientific data and Research Projects, that would enable to annotate articles and building a linked database. Even if the annotation would be fuly manual process there would be a solution to keep this process ongoing.

Some sort of social capital - a person doing useful work receives some sort of points - by doing useful word one increases own social capital, This would work if the majority of community members have use social capital as an important part of their identity. If these social points give no material or social benefits they would not support motivation to keep annotating Research Articles.

The solution is based on material benefits from annotating the Articles. If one annotates Articles and this annotation passes review of few members, s/he receives access to ten annotated Articles. Each reviewer get access to few more Articles. If we would provide good analytic tolls driven by the Annotations, this social system would be self.-maintained utilizing both altruistic (benefits the community) and selfish (benefits oneself) motivation.


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