Property Restriction with Constants

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A Property Restriction can occur with Constants. For example one can define that Denigma is a Subset of everything that is managed by EVA. There one defines an Individual on a Role/Property by stating or giving the Individual that restricts this Role.

If one wants to put this in OWL one defines Denigma as an owl:Class, then one says this is a SubClass of an owl:Restriction. So the Subclass is linked to an Empty Node and the Empty Node is of the type owl:Restriction which means that it is a Property Restriction which serves as a Class Constructor/Definition. There one says the Restriction is on the Property isManagedBy. On does this with the OWL Vocabulary owl:onProperty and then one states the Value, which is given as a Constant for this Restriction and one says owl:hasValue and then one gives the Constant one has already defined previously, i.e. the Individual EVA.

Denigma ⊑ isManagedBy.(EVA)

:Denigma a owl:Class ;
    [ a owl:Restriction ;
      owl:onProperty :isManagedBy ;
      owl:hasValue: :EVA
] .

This is not the only way to restriction Properties

:AI a owl:Class .
:Machine a owl:Class .
:EVA a :AI .
:isManagedby a owl:ObjectProperty ;
    rdfs:domain :Course ;
    rdfs:range :Person .

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