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The Denigma top menu should change continuously to adjust with the changing requirements. Only most useful items should be present in top menu for now. Different concerns should be visually separated. UI changing is not a simple task and contains a lot of things that need to be done. Here it will be focused only on menu items.

The top part of the website shall not be overcrowded with items. Right column should also be used. It can be used for user-related items or for submenus (both variants should be considered and in the end decided which is better). If it is possible two templates of the main pages may be implemented).

Uniformity is also needed. Users should know where they are (chosen menu item must be highlighted) and submenus should always appear in places where they are expected (currently there are different places for different submenus).

Lets examine current menu items. Those items that are not used often by users should be move to submenus in order to not overcrowding the navigation and make it more clear for newcomers.

  1. The Denigma logo is the direct gateway to the Admin-panel, but the entrez is also available in the account item on the very right site for authenticated users.

  2. Polls has so far only several test polls with simple questions. Until there are no big and important polls, it can be moved into submenus (where exactly need to be discussed).

  3. Content contains several submenu items:

    • Data Entries are valuable enough to go to top menu.
    • Blog is valuable, especially when there are list of blogs and feeds there.
    • Wiki shall have a panel with all Wiki-related functionality (Wikis, Changes, Relations, Alternations). It should also be put apart from common menu to somewhere (maybe left or right column, this need to be discussed).
  4. Links is a useful item, which should be kept in place.

  5. Media is useful, but only in the case if there will be not only filter for Artist but thematically filters as well.

  6. Tutorials is useful, but poorly structured.

  7. Repository is at item that right in he wrong place. It can be in top menu but should be moved closer to lifespan and other biology related functionalities.

  8. Aspects harbors currently information that explains how everything is organized in Denigma. The Tutorials could perhaps be added to Aspects.

  9. Search field should be made bigger because it looks more like a button rather than an input field.

  10. Profile it is a bit confusing that my username (account, admin) is located far from profile. May be the panel should be made (with bounding box separating it from other menus) with all user related items (from username/login - to profile, duties)

  11. Notices features notification made by sending Pastebins. It should notify also about other events.

  12. Duties contains Tasks, Todos and Quests. They unfolded to the top menu, because they are important. Tasks and Todos are the same, they should probably be merged.

  13. Com is the Communication Sector, it will harbor Messaging related Application including Pastebin and Channel.

  14. Articles belongs Content, it is a Derivate of the Data Entries? A "My Data Entries" item in user panel should be present.

  15. Denigma is useful, but in fact it is and redirects to the home view. It me be considered to be renamed.

  16. Create Entry on Home view is very handy.

  17. Entries, Changes, Alterations should go into a separate Wiki-panel

  18. Integrator associated apps (Annotations | Interactions | Expressions | Datasets | Lifespan) are making app the biological and schema-full/hybrid part of Denigma. It should be transformed into a panel with bounding box and name. Lifespan project should have About item because it is unclear what it is when you click on its submenus. Lifespan related items will be examined in separate entry.


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