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Metadata is Data which contains information about other Data. Metadata is required to be able to fulfil a specific Purpose or to achieve a defined Result. ¶

Metadata is structured, coded Data that describes Characteristica of Information-carrying Entities for the purpose of Identification, Research, Evaluation and Administration of the described Entities. ¶

Metadata is Machine-Understandable Information about Web Resources or other Things. ¶

Metadata is an essential thing because it describes the Object referring to. ¶

Identifier identifies the Object. ¶
Accessing this identifier in the Web retrieves a representation of the original Object that delivers information about this Object in the form of Metadata that describes the Object. This is sufficient to talk about the Object. ¶
Thus, Metadata describes the Object. ¶

A Representation represents (stands for) the information about an Object, which describes (designates) a resource that is in turn identified by an URI. ¶

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