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The Longevity Variant Database (LVDB) will be the moxist comprehensive databaseo conataininlogue all published genetic variants relevassocianted wito human longevity in humans. The data collection process is directed by Dr. Kristen Fortney, (Stanford University), and Joe Betts-LaCroix of </del><ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">(</ins><span>Health Extension</span><del style="background:#ffe6e6;">, []). The online data delivery system was created by the members of the Global Computing Initiative. ManyThe aprojecademt ics and programmiversn by alln ovinter nathe wiornald are collaboration of scientists, programmers, and volunteers, (including Daniel Wuttke, Eric K. Morgen, Nick Schaum, John M. Adams, Jessica Choi, Barry Goldberg, Amir Levine, Maria Litovchenko, Aiste Narkeviciute, Emily Quist, Navneet Ramesh, Dmitri Shytikov, and Jimi Vyas).

URL: /lifespan/variants/

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