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Denigma is the digital Enigma destined to decipher biological phenomena. All information of an organism is encoded in its genome and can be decrypted via the combined effort of humans and machines. For this, Denigma was build for. Specifically, Denigma is a web intelligence which employs the increasingly computational power to decode the enigmatic secrets of life.


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is a

is a is a relationship where one entry is subclass/subtype of another entry. The derived entry inherits the attributes of the parent entry (inheritance).


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Collaborative Knowledge-Management

We will establish new kind of collaboration models between people (including Researches) and in Graph representation of knowledge.

Collaboration and knowledge-management websystems are the clue that increases collective intelligence of science letting people collaborate in a more intensive and effective manner. The goal is to lower transaction costs and increase collective intelligence of the whole system.

Academic journal science system appear to be outdated. It had its birth in industrial era. Today's collaboration may be done in more robust and interactive way (peer reviewing after publication, wiki-like knowledge bases and graphs as well as groupwares). Writing papers/reviews/theses is somehow very inefficient. It is just an very old tradition.

Groupwares refers to programs that help people work together collectively while remotely from each other. A programs that enables real time collaboration are called synchronous groupware.

We need to organize all available resources and manage it in a very efficient and systematic manner. It also needs to be highly attractive to everyone. This means very well designed. In such we get the reputation that is needed to establish something like this.

There is trend for creation of different interdisciplinary global projects were a lot of Scientists may collaborate together (like brain atlas). The same stuff is needed for Aging as well.

In a knowledgebase, like Denigma, the ink is never dry. The old-system is just one time peer-reviewing and then forget about it. Errors are rarely corrected after publication and the scientific literature increasing with such a pace that is unrealistic to keep-up-to date by reading reviews and papers. A web-based knowledge base is like a continues peer-review system.

There is an appearance of different infrastructural projects for Aging and one of the possible problems is establishing collaboration between them. It is next to impossible to make one big platform that includes everything. It is more realistic to have several independent resources (some of them dedicated to funding, some to crowd-sourcing, some to knowledge-management) that collaborate with each other tightly thorough public API and intensive collaborations between its creators.

The International Longevity Alliance (ILA) shall coordinate such an endeavor.

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