Telomere Test

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The Telomere Test can determine Telomere Length and put it in relation to an individual's age. However, there are major statistical errors in both the use of the mean Telomere Length and with % short Telomere Length testing. The data is accurate in determining the slope of the line for a population (i.e. linear regression plots), but the Concept of reverse extrapolation from the y-axis (Telomere Length in kb or % sort Telomeres in bottom Quartile) to the x-axis (i.e. patients Physical Age) is NOT valid! For a given age, there is a wide Range (and standard deviation) of normal mean Telomere Length and normal % short Telomere Length. This is why Live Length is given people such erroneous reports, e.g. an individual in his 30s, based on % short Telomere Length is actual 66 (even if it not a healhty 66 year and does not take TA-65 or Product B or Exercise or take fish oil, etc.).

The reason for the discrepancy is that there are many causes of Cellular Senescence besides shortened Telomeres.


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