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Logic (Greek word, study) is reasoning conducted or assessed according to string Principles of validity.

Logic is the Art and the Science to distinguish between Truth or Lie with the Help of Reason, to accept Truth and to reject Lie.

Logic is the study of how to make formal correct deductions and inferences.

We need formal Logic because we want to automate this process and we want machines to make that process instead of us. So we want to calculate a Calculator Machine for Logic.

  • Why "formal Logic"? -> Automation
  • Construction of a Calculator Machine for Logic

Complicated Facts can be described with an Ontology Language, like the Web Ontology Language (OWL). For instance, nobody or no people can be at the same time living and dead:

Living People or Dead People

Thus, such Facts can be expressed with Logic. Logical Constraints are represented with the help of OWL.


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