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Lifespan Interventions are manipulation that result in a change of the longevity.

A graphical code (icons or colors) for typical terms in interventions is required so it will be easier to understand what was actually done with which organism/strain and at what age just at a glance. A template for the interventions shall be made with some sets of icons to be used. Icon for model animals (there are not so many commonly studied organisms, so it is affordable to have icons for most of them), kind of ruler for lifespan with parts marked in different color (time of intervention, lifespan of control and so on).

There shall also by icons for intervention types life gene knockout, diet and so on.

Basically we need representative images and SVG icons for all the key terms.

To accomplish this a sample shall be created and contests for designers announced for the best icons ad layouts.

Several things need to be visualized:

  • Lifespan of control group
  • lifespan of experimental group(s)
  • time when intervention took place (whether it is during lifetime or for adult animals)
  • percentage of lifespan change and ohter infos (like temperature, strain)
  • list of connection to similar interventions (but with other conditions)
  • icon for animal
  • icon for type of intervention
  • icon for gender

We need re js libs for interactive timelines that can be used to show the lifespan and its changes.

d3.js may work for some of the required graphics visualization [].


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