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DBpedia is the semantic version of the popular Wikipedia. It is a Crowd-Sourced community effort to extract structured Information from Wikipedia and to make this Information availability on the Web. DBedia allows to make sophisticated Queries against Wikipedia, and to link to other Datasets on the Web to Wikipedia Data.

The DBpedia is the big hub in the Linked Data Cloud and it stems/comes from the Wikipedia. The primary source of DBpedia Facts is the Info Boxes of the correspondent Wikidedia Articles.

In DBPedia the Knowledge of the Wikipedia is expressed in a semantic way that can be accessed by machines and understood by machines.

Many pages are created in the same way. There are templates for certain classes like persons that always provide the same fields. This Information is somehow structured information. It is very simple to extract this structured information and to connect the single parts of the structured information with corresponding Knowledge Representation that gives us a clue about the Meaning of these Properties. All the Facts are expressed with the help of a Language that can by read by machines, namely RDF, the Resource Description Framework.

Amazon provides the possibility to connect Amazon Web Services to DBpedia [http://aws.amazon.com/datasets/2319?_encoding=UTF8&]jiveRedirect=1].


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