Ontology Management

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Ontology management consists of 3 Activities. Firstly Scheduling as one has to identify all tasks and problems that have to be solved when one wants to develop a new Ontology. Therefore, one has to arrange and plan all these tasks and problems that have to be solved. To do this one has to identify all required Resources in terms of Time, funds, memory and Infrastructure. Thus, Scheduling is a very important Management Activity.

Every step in the Ontology Development has to be controlled because one wants to guaranty the correct execution of all the Tasks and Problems that were identified and that have to be solved.

Moreover one has not only to control this a guaranty the correct execution, one always has to make sure that the Quality is sufficient. On has to be sure that all produced Resources during the development process come up to a given level of Quality. This concerns Ontologies, Software as well as the Documentation for all of that what one develops.

  • Scheduling
    • Identification of Tasks/Problems to solve
    • Arrangement/Planning of Tasks/Problems to solve
    • Identification of required Resources (time, memory, etc...)
  • Control
    • Guaranteeing correct Execution of Tasks/Problems to solve
  • Quality Assurance

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