Negated Property Instantiation

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In Description Logics and OWL one has the Possibility to define Complex Roles, i.e. Properties that are constructed from more simpler, basic Properties.

For example if one wants to define what an uncle is, then one has to define some Property which means that an uncle is some Brother of one of a Parent. This is somekind of a Property Chain, because on chains one Property to another Property, e.g. isParent to isBorther, therefore one defines isUncle.

This can be done with OWL 2 via the General Role Inclusion or General Property Inclusion.

E.g.: ¬isBrother(Kain,Abel)

   [] rdf:type owl:negativePropertyAssertion ;
      owl:sourceIndividual :Kain ;
      owl:assertProperty :isBrother ;
      owl:targetIndividual :Abel .

Philosopher ⊑ knows.self

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