Transitive Properties

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A Transitive Property interlinks two Individuals A and C whenever it interlinks A with B and B with C for some Individual B.

For example one can defineisLocatedIn is ObjectProperty and is stated to be of type TransitiveProperty and it has the Domain Thing and the Range Compartment. Then one defines a Compartment, like Nucleolus is a Compartment and one says that this Compartment is located in another Compartment of the Cell. The Nucleus is also a Compartment and it is located in the Cell.

As this is transitive one can look at this Hierarchy and entail that via Inference that Nucleolus is also located within the Cell, because isLocatedIn is defined as a transitive Property.

Class Hierarchies subClassOf and subPropertyOf is by default declared as a Transitive Property. With the Constructor here one can define own Properties that should be transitive, i.e. have this transitivity Property.

As Prerequisite one has to define that Compartment is a Class and Cell a Compartment.

:isLocatedIn a owl:ObjectProperty ;
             a owl:TransitiveProperty ;
             rdfs:domain owl:Thing ;
             rdfs:range :Compartment .
:Nucleolus a :Compartment ;
             :isLocatedIn :Nucleus .
:Nucleus a :Compartment ;
            :isLocatedIn :Cell .
  • via Inference it can be entailed that "Nucleolus" is located in "Cell"
    :Compartment a owl:Class .
    :Cell a :Compartment .

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