Roadmap for Denigma Development

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Further Development of Denigma has three directions:

Semantic Web on Lifespan Application

Data on biology is massive. We should focus on the part related to Aging Research and work on it:

  1. Describe the list of terms that are specific to Aging Research only
  2. Explicitly describe Aging Ontology
  3. Take some data from Lifespan Application (Lifespan App) and try to connect it with several existing Ontologies to test if it is possible to use them in Intervention Descriptions, i.e. if we knock out a gene that is responsible for some Tissue we use respectful we use Ontology related to this Tissue and Organ and see if we can describe this intervention with both our aging ontology and ontology for that organ-tissue.
  4. Poll Scientist and gather the questions that they can ask the Semantic Web system (Polls), e.g. "What may happen if I try to use two genes together or apply specific kind of Intervention". These data will help us to understand what Semantic Queries are needed and gives us some ideas about further Semantic Web implementation and expected user Experience.
  5. Discuss Web Crawler, try too extract (by Web Crawler and by queries to existing Databases; DBs) information that is similar to those that was manually selected in Lifespan App (can be done paralleled with previous Tasks)

After all these phases are accomplished we may start developing Semantic Web features.

Creation of Visual Schema for Aging

We will create a schema describing Aging on different layers of hierarchy. This will let us understand Aging better and attract more people. After making these schema we may think about its integration with Lifespan Application. Further discussions are needed to describe better what should be done in what order. We have already planned some actions but they need to be reexamined. There are some considerations in Graph Visualization.

Improvements of UI, navigation and descriptions (background process)


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