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I think that moving from 1 person development mode to a teamwork is urgent for Denigma. A lot of work should be done but it is the best way to go forward So wee need:

Attract more developers

People may be attracted from to subsets: those who are interested in aging and those who are interested in semantic web + collaboration

In order to attract them we need 1) Well written interconnected entries about project, team, plans for both subroups. So we may spread posts and links, they will examine this entries and About section and decide wether to contribute and how.

2) Clearer denigma UI. Denigma is what they see when we spread links and posts about us. And some people got lost in Denigma's menus, do not understand some of ideas behind it and do not find valuable info there

3) Our roadmaps and quests as well as "how can I contribute?" section to let them understand better what they can do for us.

4) People are attracted when they see something cool done. We already have Denigma to show them. We can also make some graph visualizationa and quering. avaliable on the website. The stuff Daniel is doing know.

Organize their work

1) Without proper organization attracted people w'ont work well, will be demotivated soon and leave the project. We must set up collaboration for a small team and then add to it those who join.

So we must do something small to learn to work together and then attract others to us. I see some features that may be useful. Collaboration-related UI should be more responsive (look at most popular taskmanagers - they all are full with AJAX!) and integrated with knowledge-management part. Typical scheme for this is: {front end with a lot of javascript}<=>{websockets}<=>{backend} Thats why I am developing websocket chats now, so we may move from skypechats to them and easily add items without leaving the chats. In future websockets will be used for everything that we need to be responsive.

Then I plan to move a part of our content to graph databases. I'm going to embed orientdb and provide REST for the python based Django Denigma and direct websocket connection to the frontend. Then the ontology editor will be made.

I think we need to find good javascript/coffescript developer who will write front-end logic for us.

2). People must see the scope and the structure. I think we should create a specification for what we will have (commands, archtecture, ontologies etc).

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