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Today Daniel made a presentation on Denigma project to the International Longevity Alliance activists. The Presentation gave a great feedback about the Project and revealed some weak points and a lot of stuff that ought to be improved:

  1. More structuring efforts are needed. Probably a scheme with different layers describing the whole ecosystem, parts of it, their roles and interrelations as well as gateways to outside world (organizations, society, other services)
  2. Comprehensive comparison to alternatives (like PubMed) are important
  3. Some stuff like Ontology creation, Semantic Web (and its differences from PubMed and other Searches) should be described better so that all participants irregardless of their background may understand
  4. Our needs and priorities should be highlighted.

The presentation shall give a table of content or index of index, right at the beginning.

Any personal background need to be put in relation to the overall presentation.


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