Organism's Senescence as a Developmental State but not just as a Result of Stochastic Damage

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The first presentation of the Continuous Longevity Meeting, organized by Edouard Debonneuil and featured by the International Longevity Alliance (alias Longevity Party), was given by Dimitri Shytikov (Institute of Gerontology NAMS, Ukraine) on the 20.12.2012. The presentation was about immunology of aging as well as young-old transfer of stem cells and blood and is of extraordinary interest as it challenges several old paradigms on aging. For instance, it questions whether aging is simple due damage accumulation or might be programmed in some way. Specifically, the presented data indicate that there a systemic factors in the blood of old animals that impair the immune system of the young mice, if young and old mice are coupled together. The nature of these factors need to be identified and efficient ways to eliminate those need to be found. Possible collaborators should please get in contact.

The Presentation can also been seen via Denigma's Slide Show functionality.

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