Scientific name: Callithrix jacchus
Taxonomy ID: 38020
Common name: Marmoset
Short name: Marmose
Number of genes: None

    Marmosets are New World monkeys. Most marmosets are tiny and just about 20 cm long.

    The small monkey is easy to handle and has a relatively fast life-cycle. Just as humans it can develop obesity and become fat if fed wrongly [23283661].

    Only recently studies have become possible with marmoset, thanks to successfully controlling a specific intestinal parasite. 1 marmoset year is approximately 10 years. so lifespan experiments still have a reasonable time frame. Following human years would correspond to following a marmoset 3-4 month; measurements in the ongoing project are done every three months so that a matching window could be selected.

    The Marmoset has been studied regarding body growth and development.

    There is an ongoing project on age-related data in the Marmoset with preliminary results [21031036]. If the exact same measurements that are done in the marmoset project would also been done in humans, then it would be possible to start projections and learn a lot from this model.


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