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  1. Register at this site to become a member and/or receive updates (Email list registration is now open).

  2. Join International Longevity Alliance affiliated groups in social networks [http://denigma.de/url/3i].

  3. If there is no related social network in your area, start one!

  4. Organize live local meetings of supporters.

  5. Get involved with a Research institute, public association or other organization, creating and testing treatments for the Aging process and its derivative chronic diseases, and for the sake of healthy longevity. Research, work, volunteer or donate for such organizations.

  6. Educate yourself on recent advances in life-extension Science, as well as its social implications. Educate others. Discuss longevity with friends.

    • Participate in academic and communal learning frameworks and programs related to the struggle against the Aging process and for healthy life extension, including its Research and application aspects. Study such fields as: bio-gerontology; geriatrics; biotechnology; medical technology; social work; financial planning; Science, technology and society; regenerative medicine; nano-medicine; nutrition; ergonomics; and other fields related to healthy life extension.

    • Collect up-to-date, evidential scientific information regarding the optimal hygienic lifestyle for all ages, and for Aging persons particularly. Share this information freely and discuss it openly with members of the healthcare community, friends and the wide public.

    • Organize focused educational activities for professionals and the wide public, such as conferences, workshops, open discussions, publications in the media and social networks, regarding the Research and development for healthy life extension.

  7. Lobby. Promote legislation and policies for Research, development, public health and education aimed at reducing the damage of Aging and for healthy life extension. Write letters to your elected representatives. Participate in their meetings and press conferences, and ask them questions related to healthy longevity. Make them think and act for the advancement of life-prolonging means. Vote for politicians sympathetic with the goal of healthy longevity for all.

  8. Practice a healthy, life-prolonging life-style, according to the best scientific evidence available. Keep well and healthy until the emergence of effective life-extending technologies, and make an effort so they should arrive as early as possible.


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