See many tentative project proposals For an Active 2013 for International Longevity Alliance! Some of these will be updated to a full project status later.

Petitions being promoted:




Georg Fuellen, Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, Edouard Debonneuil, Anton Kulaga, Daniel Wuttke, Johnny Adams, Dmitry Borisoglebsky, Kristen Fortney, Jeff Shen Hall
Denigma is the digital Enigma destined to decipher biological phenomena. All information of an organism is encoded in its genome and can be decrypted via the combined effort of humans and machines. For this, Denigma was build for. Specifically, Deni... Read more


Continuous Longevity Meeting

Edouard Debonneuil, Daniel Wuttke, Avinash Kumar Singh, Massimiliano Maidano
The **Worldwide Continuous Longevity Meeting** is a continuous ``discussion channel`` where anyone can decide to launch global collaborative presentations. The inventor **Edouard Debonneuil** proposed to incorporate it as an organ of the ``Internatio... Read more


Collaborative Knowledge-Management

Anton Kulaga, Daniel Wuttke
We will establish **new kind of collaboration models** between people (including Researches) and in **Graph representation of knowledge**. ``Collaboration and knowledge-management websystems`` are the clue that **increases collective intelligence*... Read more



Alexey Turchin, Massimiliano Maidano
Wikipedia is the biggest free online encyclopedia. In order to increase public awareness, there shall be Wikipedia articles about the International Longevity Alliance and its associated Projects like Denigma. ... Read more


Longevity Day

Ilia Stambler
A specific day shall be defined as **official longevity day** (1. of March, the *Future Day* appears to be most suitable). This day, the ``Day of Concerted Longevity Activism`` functions to ``awake global awareness`` on the ``Research on longevity`` ... Read more



Ilia Stambler, Daria Andreyevna Khaltourina, Didier Coernette, AgeVivo
Lobbying is the act of **attempting to influence decisions** made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of the regular agencies. For effective lobbying it is crucial to first ``set goals and objectives``. Actions for the n... Read more


Longevity Media

Vikas Katiyar, Jason Xu, Didier Coernette, Massimiliano Maidano
Longevity and the problem of Aging should be broadcasted via different media. For instance a **Longevity radio** and/or **online TV channel** shall be established, which functions several purposes: * Making people **aware of** the possibility of *... Read more


Curing Cancer

L. Stephen Coles, Edouard Debonneuil, Ilia Stambler
**Cancer** is ``function of Aging`` and its ``elimination is necessary`` for achieving longevity. Different **experimental approaches** can highly effectively **cure** or at least regress defined types of **Cancers**. ``Dr. Stephen Coles`` is an i... Read more


Age In Vivo

Anton Kulaga, Daniel Wuttke, AgeVivo, Logic, Mind, cryonicsculture, Horusavatar
*in vivo* (Latin for ``within living``) is experimentations that **utilizes whole living organisms**. Age *in vivo* is ``do it yourself`` **Biology on Aging**. The goal is to bring in more people interested in Aging. Hence, it is primarily of prom... Read more


Health Extension Media Responses And Outreach

Jason Xu, Hank Pellissier
``Analyse`` and ``systemize`` **Health/Longevity Media Responses**. We need to keep track of the information that is broadcasted to the public and guarantee that it is positively interpreted and understood. Create a **portal** that Links in all the d... Read more


Educational Platform

Ilia Stambler, Anton Kulaga, Vikas Katiyar, Jason Xu
``Eduction`` should be **free to anyone**. The International Longevity Alliance promotes eduction of people about longevity. Classic Universities shall offer **Anti-Aging related courses**. Further, something along the line of **Longevity Unive... Read more


Crowd Funding

Anton Kulaga, Daria Andreyevna Khaltourina, Vikas Katiyar, Jason Xu
Crowd funding/financing is the collaborative effort of individuals who network and **pool** their **money** usually via Internet **to support** the **effort of a group/organization**. It therefore provides a powerful **alternative resource to gran... Read more


Materials in Different Languages

Alexey Turchin, Didier Coernette
Content on promoting longevity written/spoken/rendered in one language should be translated and promoted into other languages. A priority is to have at least ``English versions`` of everything. Optionally possibilities to translate into other local ... Read more



Leo Silvennoinen
A Newsletter is a regularly/periodically distributed/sent publication about a particular topic that is of interest to the subscribers. The International Longevity Alliance has already implemented an Email registration option to receive Email updat... Read more


Health Information

Edouard Debonneuil, Ilia Stambler
There is a need to ``collect data on people's health`` and try to **analyze it in relation to aging**, longevity and optimal life style. There shall be a ``open database system`` that includes **clinical information** on patients most importantly ... Read more


Encouraging Initiative

Daniel Wuttke, Didier Coernette
A merit earning system build on top of the Achievements, that gives Researchers, Developers and Artists as well as other people the recognition and respect for their contribution and work need to be established. Such a system that awards merit for go... Read more


Grant Writing

Edouard Debonneuil, Ilia Stambler
Grant writing is the practice of ``completing an application process for funding`` provided by institution like government department, corporation, foundation or trust. In the name of the International Longevity Alliance there shall be **assistanc... Read more


Logo Contest

Leo Silvennoinen, Sean Emery Flatt, Massimiliano Maidano
The individual **longevity parties** operate under the ``banner`` of the International Longevity Alliance (**ILA**). However, the ILA does not yet have such an unifying banner. The logo will be utilized **cross-nationally** with only minor modific... Read more


Information Theory

Ilia Stambler, Daniel Wuttke, David Blokh
Information theory is a field of applied mathematics, engineering and computer science that measures information. It originates from the finding of the fundamental limits on signal processing operations, such as compressing data, and on reliable s... Read more


Graph Visualization

Ilia Stambler, Anton Kulaga, Daniel Wuttke, Shanee Nishry, Justin Loew, Ben , Horusavatar
**Data on Aging** need to be **visualized** with an ``interactive`` and ``intuitive interface`` that enables ``collaborative reverse-engineering`` of the Aging process. It shall be a popular and interactive way of to convey a basic understanding of t... Read more


Human Experimental Aging Biology

Edouard Debonneuil, Daniel Wuttke, James P. Watson
The system of clinical trials in Western countries has been bogged down by high costs, red tape, and governmental restrictions to the point that within 10 years the engine of innovation in biotechnology will die [22378269]. In order to prevent thi... Read more


Legal Support of Longevity Research

Ilia Stambler, Daria Andreyevna Khaltourina, Miriam Ji Sun Leis
**Legal Support of Longevity Research** is an international Group with the Goal to ``share and discuss the Information about legal Issues which might affect Life Extension Research`` including: * New drug and therapy Legislation * Legislation on ... Read more