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The International Longevity Alliance promotes the social struggle against the deteriorative Aging process and for healthy and productive longevity for all, through scientific Research, technological development, medical treatment, public health and education measures, and social activism.

We believe that this goal can be achieved through broad public cooperation and support, from all nations and all walks of life. Hence, the International Longevity Alliance promotes the creation and international cooperation of social activist and advocacy groups from across the world.

Advocacy Groups within the International Longevity Alliance have been initiated in more than 30 countries [http://denigma.de/url/3i].

The original name of our alliance has been the International Longevity Party, to reflect our strong social commitment. We do not disown this name, it is still present in social networks, websites and online fora. It may be expected that political parties dedicated to the promotion of healthy longevity will emerge in some places at some time. Yet, for pragmatic reasons, the International Longevity Alliance currently operates as a non-profit, non-governmental, lobbying yet party-unaffiliated public association.

We urge you to join or to establish an advocacy group for healthy longevity in your home country. Together we will win.

Contact us at:

Facebook: Longevity Party

General Contact Person: Ilia Stambler Get in touch for any general queries (info@longevityalliance.org).

Chief Editor and Webmaster: Leo Silvennoinen Get in touch for any website related questions, or if you want to publish your article on the ILA website (web@longevityalliance.org or Facebook).

From the first informal summit in Brussels. December 11, 2012.

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