Linux is the most preferred system in which Denigma and the interaction with it can run. Denigma itself is currently in an Ubuntu environment implemented.

In order to set up Denigma locally just do the following (Ubuntu or at least a UNIX environment is recommended):

  1. Git in:

    Go to the GIT bootcamp (sign up if you haven't already):

    In brief on UNIX:

    $ sudo su # Get full control about your machine.
    $ apt-get install git # Get (g)it!

    Configure Git with your name and e-mail:

    $ git config --global "FULL NAME"
    $ git config --global
  2. Fork Denigma:

    $ git clone
  3. Get the Might to Create Virtual Environments:

    $ curl | python
    $ easy_install virtualenv
    $ cd denigma
    $ virtualenv env
    $ . env/bin/activate
  4. Prepare Environment:

    $ apt-get update
    $ apt-get install python-dev libmysqlclient-dev     # Latter is an optional database-backend
    $ apt-get install -y subversion
    $ pip install -r denigma/requirements/pre.txt       # Prerequisite
    $ pip install -r denigma/requirements/project.txt
  5. Start Denigma:

    $ ./ syncdb --all
    $ ./ migrate --fake
    $ ./ runserver
  6. Change Denigma:

    $ git commit -am "Brief description of the change."
    $ git push origin master
  7. Keep Denigma Updated:

    $ git checkout master # Update to the latest version.
    $ git pull # Pull it from master.
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