Digitalized Aging Schema, derived from John Furber’s Systems Biology of Aging chart



  • Nucleus & Endoplasmic Reticulum (blue)
  • Cytoplasmic molecules (tan narrow)
  • Mitochondria (light blue)
  • Extracellular Proteins, etc. (brown)
  • Controlled Degradation (pink)
  • Beneficial process or intervention (green)
  • Signaling Pathway (purple)
  • Damaging Substance or Process (red)
  • Senescence Physiology (black)

  • Arrow With

  • thin: Causel sequence of events
  • thick: Movement, transport or flow of things

  • Node Shapes

  • Rectangle: Thing (Quantities or Pools of Molecules, Cells, Substances, etc.)
  • Octagon: Action (Process, Action, Change,or Reaction)
  • Roundrect: Compartment (Organelle or compartment)
  • Hexagon: Accumulation (Gradual Accumulation or Increase in Quantity or Mass with Aging)
  • Parallelogram: Loss (Gradual Loss or Decrease in Quantity or Mass with Aging)
  • Diamond: External (External Intervention, or Environmental Factors)
  • Ellipse: Condition (Physiological Condition; Senescence)
  • Vee: Suppression (Inhibition of pathways & process that is inhibited)

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