Polymorphism: rs662
rs662 ( SNPedia | 23andMe )

Variant Type: SNP

- Symbol: PON1
- Name: paraoxonase 1
- Entrez ID: 5444
- Ensembl ID: ENSG00000005421


OR and P values taken from the fixed effects meta-analysis.

Studies: He: Heijmans et al., 2000; Bo: Bonafè et al., 2002; Ca: Campo et al., 2004; Ch: Christiansen et al., 2004; Re: Rea et al., 2004; Pa: Pauk et al., 2007; No: Novelli et al., 2008; Ge: Germany, this study; Fr: France, this study; (p): only part of the study data is used as indicated by the age groups.

Ethnicity: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Tatar
Age of cases: >/=80
Finding: Negative


- Odds ratio: 1.06
- p-value: 0.11 [0.11]
- Significant: No

Study Design
- Classifications: No Age Effect
- Study type: Candidate Region/Gene
- Technology: PCR, TaqMan

20362697: No or only population-specific effect of PON1 on human longevity: a comprehensive meta-analysis.

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