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    polymorphism factor odds ratio pvalue initial number replication number Population age of cases shorter lived allele longer lived allele study type reference
    HLA-A phenotype HLA-A 1.95 0.002 201 vs 211 Chinese 22 centenarians + 179 nonagenarians (mean age 93 ±1.04) A9 A30 Candidate Region/Gene 9147371
    HLA-C phenotype HLA-C 0.49 0.02 201 vs 211 Chinese >93 Cw3, Cw6. Cw7 Candidate Region/Gene 9147371
    Chromosome 4 at D4S1564 Chromosome 4 at D4S1564 0.044 303 Human Minimum age 98 for one sibling (of sibship) Genome-Wide Association Study 11526246
    • 3 variants

    The Longevity Variant Database (LVDB) is a collaborative effort to catalogue all published genetic variants relevant to human longevity.

    The project is directed by the Health Extension Research Foundation [http://www.healthextension.co/about/], and the online content is managed by the members of the Global Computing Initiative.

    LVDB is driven by an international collaboration of scientists, programmers, and volunteers, including Joe Betts-LaCroix, Kristen Fortney, Daniel Wuttke, Eric K. Morgen, Nick Schaum, John M. Adams, Jessica Choi, Barry Goldberg, Amir Levine, Maria Litovchenko, Aiste Narkeviciute, Emily Quist, Navneet Ramesh, Justin Rebo, Dmitri Shytikov, and Jimi Vyas. o

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