Mitochondrial haplogroups

Polymorphism: Mitochondrial haplogroups

Variant Type: Locus
Location: MT

- Symbol: mtDNA


Differences between mtDNA haplogroup frequencies were significantly different between groups of ages (p=0.01). Compared to the old, haplogroup H was less frequent than among the middle-aged subjects and infants (p=0.001 and p=0.00001), whereas haplogroups U and J were more common.

Ethnicity: Finn
Age of cases: 90-91
Shorter lived allele: H
Longer lived allele: U, J, K
Finding: Positive

- Number of cases/controls: 225 (cases) vs 400 middle aged vs 257 infants (initial)
- p-value: 0.001
- Significant: Yes

Study Design
- Study type: Mitochondrial Haplogroup
- Technology: PCR-RFLP

12483296: Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms associated with longevity in a Finnish population.

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