C. elegans SIRT6/7 homolog SIR-2.4 promotes DAF-16 relocalization and function during stress.

Authors: Chiang WC; Tishkoff DX; Yang B; Wilson-Grady J; Yu X; Mazer T; Eckersdorff M; Gygi SP; Lombard DB; Hsu AL
Year: 2012
Journal: PLoS genetics
Abstract: FoxO transcription factors and sirtuin family deacetylases regulate diverse biological processes, including stress responses and longevity. Here we show that the Caenorhabditis elegans sirtuin SIR-2.4--homolog of mammalian SIRT6 and SIRT7 proteins--promotes DAF-16-dependent transcription and stress-induced DAF-16 nuclear localization. SIR-2.4 is required for resistance to multiple stressors: heat shock, oxidative insult, and proteotoxicity. By contrast, SIR-2.4 is largely dispensable for DAF-16 nuclear localization and function in response to reduced insulin/IGF-1-like signaling. Although acetylation is known to regulate localization and activity of mammalian FoxO proteins, this modification has not been previously described on DAF-16. We find that DAF-16 is hyperacetylated in sir-2.4 mutants. Conversely, DAF-16 is acetylated by the acetyltransferase CBP-1, and DAF-16 is hypoacetylated and constitutively nuclear in response to cbp-1 inhibition. Surprisingly, a SIR-2.4 catalytic mutant efficiently rescues the DAF-16 localization defect in sir-2.4 null animals. Acetylation of DAF-16 by CBP-1 in vitro is inhibited by either wild-type or mutant SIR-2.4, suggesting that SIR-2.4 regulates DAF-16 acetylation indirectly, by preventing CBP-1-mediated acetylation under stress conditions. Taken together, our results identify SIR-2.4 as a critical regulator of DAF-16 specifically in the context of stress responses. Furthermore, they reveal a novel role for acetylation, modulated by the antagonistic activities of CBP-1 and SIR-2.4, in modulating DAF-16 localization and function.


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Manipulation of sir-2.4 has apparently no effect on lifespan.

Species: Nematode

Experiments: 2
  • Figure S3. Minimal impact of SIR-2.4 overexpression on stress resistance or lifespan
  • Figure 4. Minimal impact of SIR-2.4 on IIS-induced longevity, DAF-16 nuclear localization induced by reduced IIS, and dauer formation.

  • Interventions:
  • sir-2.4 RNAi
  • SIR-2.4 overexpression

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