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    mrpl-37 RNAi Knockdown of mrpl-37 increases lifespan by 41% [23698443]. Worm +41
    mrpl-2 RNAi Knockdown of mrpl-2 increases lifespan by 54% [23698443]. Worm +54
    mrpl-1 RNAi Knockdown of mrpl-1 increases lifespan by 57% [23698443]. Worm +57
    ttl-9 RNAi Knockdown of ttl-9 throughout the entire life increases the lifespan by 3% [23698443]. Worm +3
    nkcc-1 RNAi Knockdown of nkcc-1 throughout the entire life increases the lifespan by 23% [23698443]. Worm +23
    mrps-5 RNAi Knockdown of mrps-5 throughout the entire life increases the lifespan by 60%. mrps-5 RNAi prevents aging-associated functional decline and alters mitochondrial function. Knocking down mrps-5 after early development no longer affects nematode lifespan. When RNAi of mrps-5 was performed during the larval stages only, lifespan increases by 48%, whereas RNAi started from the L4 stage has no effect. mrps-5 RNAi results in fragmented mitochondria. mrps-5 RNAi increases lifespan by 40% in widltype, 37% in daf-16(mu86), 40% in sir-2.1(ok434) 69% in aak-2(ok524) and 112% in mev-1(kn1). Knockdown of cco-1 does not extend the lifespan of mrps-5 RNAi [23698443]. Worm +60
    frh-1 RNAi Complete absence of frataxin is lethal, while its partial deficiency extends animal lifespan in a p53 dependent manner. Frataxin knockdown via RNAi extends mean and maximum lifespan by 19 and 37%, respectively [23247094]. Substantial reduction of frataxin protein expression is required to extend lifespan, affect sensory neurons functionality, remodel lipid metabolism and trigger autophagy. Beclin and p53 genes are required to induce autophagy and concurrently reduce lipid storages and extend animal lifespan in response to frataxin suppression [23247094]. Worm +18.75 +37.037037037
    wrn-1 RNAi RNAi kockdown of wrn-1 shortens the lifespan, increases sensitivity to DNA damage, and accelerates aging phenoypes [15115755]. Worm
    lin-14 RNAi Knockdown of lin-14 only during adulthood is sufficient to extend lifespan and suppresses the short lifespan phenotype of lin-4 mutants. Worm
    alg-1 RNAi Adult-specific knockdown of the C. elegans argonaute-like gene 1 *alg-1* results in shortened lifespan with a reduction in the mean and maximum lifespan by 9 - 16% and 14%, respectively [21810936]. Worm -9.6 to -16.1 -13.7
    fbxa-121 RNAi RNA interference of fbxa-121 in adulthood shortens the extended lifespan of daf-2(mu150) mutants. Only a negligible or small reduction in the lifespan of wild-type worms was observed in knockouts [17392428]. Worm
    sir-2.4 RNAi RNA interference against sir-2.4 does not change the mean or maximum lifespan of wild-type not the increased lifespan of daf-2(e1370) mutants [Tishkoff et al. 2012]. Worm
    let-23 RNAi Postdevelopmental inactivation of let-23 by RNA interference extends the lifespan by 5.6% [New Longevity Regulators]. Worm +5.6
    cku-70 RNAi RNA interference of cku-70 further increases the lifespan of daf-2 mutants. Lifespan of daf-16 mutants is slightly decreased by cku-70 RNAi [16099946]. Worm
    cyp-42A1 RNAi RNA interference of cyp-42A1 decreases median lifespan by 39% in wild type animals, 77% in a daf-2 background and 37% in daf-2/daf-16 double mutants [18006689]. Worm -39
    cyp-33E2 RNAi RNA interference of cyp-33E2 increases mean lifespan by 18% [17608836]. Worm
    cwp-4 RNAi RNA interference of cwp-4 extends lifespan [15998808]. Worm
    cul-1 RNAi RNAi of cul-1 decreases lifespan of daf-2 mutant, but not of wild-type or glp-1 mutant. The CUL-1 complex functions in postmitotic, adult somatic tissues of insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1-signaling mutants to enhance longevity. It may act, at least in part, by promoting the transcriptional activity of DAF-16/FOXO [17392428]. Worm
    cua-1 RNAi RNA interference of cua-1 decreases median lifespan by 12% in wild type animals and 30% in daf-2 mutants. Worm -12
    cst-1 RNAi Knockdown of cst-1 shortens lifespan and accelerates tissue aging [16751106]. Worm
    crn-5 RNAi RNA interference against crn-5 in adulthood results in a 41% increase in mean lifespan [17411345]. Worm +41
    col-93 RNAi RNA interference of col-93 results in extended lifespan [15998808]. Worm
    cnb-1 mutation RNA interference of cnb-1 increases mean lifespan by 30% [17673661]. Worm +30
    cit-1.2 RNAi RNA interference cit-1.2 decreases median lifespan by 27% in daf-2 mutants [18006689]. Worm -27
    chk-1 RNAi RNA interference of chk-1 increases lifespan by 15 to 25% [16741121]. Worm +15 to +25
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